With the growing popularity of the NFT market, both investors and companies are showing more interest in the marketplace. Whether it’s an individual investor or a crypto trader, everyone is interested in making money from the NFT hype.

Especially the gamers around the world are very lucky. That the gaming industry is growing more with the help of the NFT concept. Entering the crypto gaming market in its initial stage can give you a very high return on investment if chosen correctly. We’re going to discuss a similar currency so make sure to read it till the end.

Everything you need to know about MANA coin (Decenterland)

What is Decenterland?

Unlike other NFT games that launched recently, Decenterland is rather an old concept. As the structure for the platform was built in 2015. It was a simple pixilated grid. That is now redesigned in a complete 3D virtual world. When the beta launch of Decenterlands took place in 2017. Below is the list of initial investors for the concept.

  • FBG capital
  • Hashed
  • Kenetic capital
  • Coin fund

If you don’t know what Decenterland is and how the MANA coin works then don’t worry. It is possible that you are not aware of the NFT gaming community. That is currently turning into a billion-dollar industry. Attracting big fish investors to the digital assets, Deceneterland is a cross-platform game concept.

Completely based on blockchain supported smart contracts system. Decenterland allows its users to vote during the updates and recent changes regarding the community. However, your voting capabilities depend on the amount of NFTS you own. So make sure you have enough voting potential before making a move. As everything you see in Decenterland is a unique NFT!

What is the MANA coin?

If you have played any games then you may know that an in-game currency is important to buy items, complete tasks, etc. Decenterlands follows the same concept with a twist of adding the cryptocurrency factor to the game.

You can get LAND tokens with the help of MANA coins. That you can later use to acquire land, host-specific events for visitors, decorate your pre-owned land, and much more. As the software tracks the real estate parcels backed up by the LAND tokens in the marketplace. Ownership is easier to maintain.

In simple words, the in-game currency known as MANA coins is a real cryptocurrency. Not to mention they have a lot of value in both the virtual and real world. Because if you are planning on joining the Decenterland, MANA coins are necessary. So you can participate in the activities like buying and selling digital real estate, clothing. And a lot of other things that are visible in the virtual world of Decenterland.

Final Verdict

The price of MANA coins was $0.8366 at the time of writing this article, but looking at the current growing market there’s a high possibility to generate a solid ROI with the correct investment. Not to mention there are a lot of large-scale trades that took place at Decenterland.

In conclusion, if you are interested in generating revenue from the NFTs then it’s a good opportunity to enter the market. But we suggest getting enough information before making any investments, So do it at your own risk. As the cryptocurrency is a highly volatile entity. Do spread the word about this new concept with others and feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section below.

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