Starting your cryptocurrency journey requires a lot of information. Making progress and decent revenue from crypto trading is not possible without enough knowledge.

There is a lot to explore and understand when it comes to cryptocurrency. This knowledge will help you take meaningful decisions. Because investing your money randomly won’t produce any results at all.

Choosing the right type of coins when buying/selling cryptocurrencies is very important. Bitcoins, Altcoins, and Stable coins are some of the popular coins for a long time.

Stable Coins versus Alt Coins

With multiple options at disposal, choosing the right type of coin is a bit difficult for newcomers. As they don’t have much information regarding different coin types.

In this article, we are going to discuss Stable coins vs Altcoins. One of the most popular coin types available in the market. You can consider them as a collection of coins of different types. So let’s get into more details and go through both of them to find out which one is better!

What are Stable Coins?

Generally, people avoid investing in cryptocurrencies because of their fluctuating prices. So a more secure way of trading and exchanging cryptocurrency was launched known as stablecoins.

Stable coins are a kind of Altcoins and still, they’re completely different from normal Stable Coins. You may have not traded Stable Coins yet if you’re a newcomer. Unlike the other coins, Stable coins are backed up by assets. Which provides a more stable environment for the trading of Stable Coins in the market.

In simple words, Stable coin’s values are linked with external sources. So their prices are not very volatile like other normal coins in the cryptocurrency market. However, Stable coins are secure, private, and transparent just like other digital currencies you see in the market.

What are Altcoins?

When cryptocurrencies were first introduced, People only used Bitcoin to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. But the total amount of Bitcoins is limited, which created many problems in the industry.

In order to overcome this problem, many coins are available as an alternative to Bitcoins. These coins are known as Altcoins at the moment. Altcoins are very common, you may have even traded them many times without even knowing it! As the name suggests the altcoins are alternatives for Bitcoins. Some of the popular Altcoins are Etheruem, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Tether. You can find these coins easily on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges.

The rest of the cryptocurrencies than Bitcoins are Altcoins. Such Altcoins help, the Bitcoin community instead of overpowering them. However, Altcoins have volatile values in comparison to Stable Coins. So trading Altcoins is riskier when it comes to assurance of value stability.

Stable coins versus Altcoins which is better?

After getting enough information about both Altcoin and Stable coins, we know there is a common question going through your mind. That is which one is better among both of them?

Suppose you’re a regular trader and buy/sell cryptocurrencies regularly. Then Altcoins are way better than StableCoins. Altcoins are more popular than Stablecoins. As there are many options available to buy and sell them easily. Generating a higher profit margin is possible with Altcoins, while the risk factor is also high.

Meanwhile, Stablecoins are preferred for those people who want to play safe. As they provide consistency and don’t suffer from any sudden price drops. Stablecoins are linked with top-tier assets like the US dollar, African dollar, Gold, and other resources with a high value in the market. Which allows you to invest without much risk.


Your requirements affect your choice of the coin, as it will affect your trading process and profit amount in the future.

Trading cryptocurrencies is a process that involves potential risks. Doing enough research before making any investments is mandatory to avoid them. So make sure to choose the coin wisely. Do share this article if you found it useful, and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries below.

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