We have seen many people wonder which cryptocurrency is best for investing? but they forget that choosing the right crypto trading platform is as important as that. When it’s recommended to choose a platform that has all the required features for trading cryptos easily there are tons of options available in the market. In this article, we’re going to review the Probit exchange platform that is suitable for anyone.

Detailed Probit Exchange Review

If you have never heard about Probit then you probably need more exposure to the cryptocurrency industry. Probit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. Entering the market in November 2018, Probit is a popular platform from Seychelles, East Africa (global service). With a daily trading volume of more than $185 million, there’s no doubt about the number of users it has in different countries.

However, there are two different versions of the Probit exchange. The first one is crypto-only that we mentioned earlier. While the second one is based in Seoul, South Korea. It’s more localized in comparison to the global version and supports fiat trading pairs as well. Not to mention it’s limited to local users only.

Affordable Trading Fees

Trading fees are very important when you need to carry out more than one transaction at a time. Because if you are looking forward to generating some profit with quick trading then paying a low fee per transaction is very important to keep your overall costing low. Fortunately, Probit charges a flat fee that is 0.20% per transaction. Additionally, they provide a discount system for larger transactions where the fees are as low as 0.03% only!

Different Cryptocurrencies

Probit.com is an Altcoin platform that supports crypto to crypto swapping globally. So it’s obvious that you will get a wide range of cryptocurrencies that you can choose while trading. The users get to trade almost 350 different cryptocurrencies while browsing through approx 600+ different types of markets.

Outstanding Security Features

Transparency of the development team matters a lot when it comes to putting your trust and money into a cryptocurrency exchange. Thankfully, the team behind the success of the Probit exchange is transparent enough.

Now talking about security, there are thousands of transactions completed every second on Probit. While following the latest security standards and safety precautions, there is not a single case of Hacking or theft till now.

Initial Exchange Offerings

IEO, also known as initial exchange offerings is very effective. Especially when new platforms launch in the market they use initial exchange offerings to attract new consumers. Probit exchange has a dedicated section for hosting IEO events. Not to mention they have hosted hundreds of IEO events till now.

More earnings with staking

Stake and earn are getting very popular among the cryptocurrency platforms available in the market. As such activities encourage people to stake their money and use the platform more often. You can utilize the stake and earn feature from Probit to stake any extra currencies you have. Allowing you to generate a decent amount of income from them.

Probit Pros

  • Offers reduced transaction fees with its PROB
  • Provides a well-designed user interface
  • Transparent and professional platform
  • Up to the mark service with quick response
  • Easy to learn and use even for beginners

Probit Cons

  • Unlike other popular exchanges, it doesn’t offer a lending service
  • You have to pay 0.0005 BTC as a withdrawal fee
  • Doesn’t support direct bank deposits yet
  • Fiat trading is not available globally
  • The customer support system is not available 24/7

Final Thoughts

Probit is consistent in offering services that engage its users and create enough space for new startups to grow in the market. With features like low-cost trading, holding crypto-related events, offering stake and earn opportunities. Probit is doing really well as a cryptocurrency exchange till now.

So choosing Probit is not a bad decision whether you are a newcomer in the market or trading for a long time. However, the decision can change according to your personal preference. Do share this quick review with interested people and feel free to mention your questions below.

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