OKEx Exchange Launches DeFi hub and NFT Marketplace

There’s a tough competition going on between the cryptocurrency platform in the current market. Every single company wants its users to keep using the trading platform for a longer period of time.

In order to keep the users attached to the platform for longer, the crypto trading platforms need to provide the best possible services and features for sure! Because without the latest features and better trading options they will start looking for an alternative without wasting any time.

OKEx launches Defi hub along with NFT marketplace

For example, the OKEx platform went through remarkable changes in its system with few updates in the features. And the sole reason behind it is that they are well aware of the current competition in the market.

What is OKEx?

If you have never heard about OKEx then you need more exposure to the cryptocurrency world for sure. Because OKEx is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange when it comes to overall trading volume.

OKEx is one of the leading platforms currently in the market. That can be used for trading, buying, and selling various cryptocurrencies. With over 20 million users across hundreds of different countries, OKEx has sure made remarkable progress till now.

No doubt the services they provide are pretty affordable when someone needs to trade popular crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. So it’s obvious that they are increasing the number of efforts to provide an even better trading experience with much broader possibilities.

Launch of Defi hub and NFT marketplace

Considering the recent market trends, OKEx knows that how much potential the NFT market has even in the future. So instead of letting their regular users use some other platforms for exchanging NFTS, they played a smart move by launching the Defi hub and NFT marketplace at the same time!

Decentralized finance ( Defi ) is a kind of financial system that doesn’t require any mediator or third party in order to complete their transactions. In simple words, the users of the platform (traders) have more control over the transactions on the blockchain.

However, not many traders are aware of the term Decentralized finance. Yet the regular traders expect this feature from the platform they are going to use.

On the other hand, there’s a gold rush going on as the NFT market is on hype. People from all around the world wats to know more about non-fungible tokens and make some decent income through NFT trading.

Therefore, the need for such a platform that allows buying, selling, and trading NFT more securely is rising in the market. So OKEx has launched an end-to-end encryption NFT trading platform for their users.

Great thing is that OKEx’s Defi dashboard is user-friendly even for newcomers. So anyone can use the decentralized ecosystem hassle-free provided by the platform. The same goes for the NFT marketplace for ease of buying and selling them.

The royalty system within OKEx for NFT creators is something worth looking for. Suppose you are a creator of any NFT, they will allow you to decide the royalty fees for your NFT. On the other hand, you can import any NFTS that you own into the OKEx platform easily for future usage.

OKEx platform aims to encourage the NFTS marketplace while providing the best services with a decentralized environment. So make sure to visit it if you are looking forward to getting into the crypto world.

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