Keepkey vs Ledger which One is Better

With the growing cryptocurrency market, the transaction amounts are getting larger day by day. The more cryptocurrencies you have, the riskier it is to keep them safe.

Considering the possible threats of trading a large amount of cryptocurrency, traders need something to keep their assets safe. Something that is not connected to the internet, to prevent any hacking attempts. And which can keep your private keys safe and secure.

Keep key  Wallet vs Ledger Wallet which One is Better in 2021?

There are tons of people who trade cryptocurrencies regularly and store them. So they can sell them in future to generate a decent profit out of them. Hackers and cyber-terrorists are actively looking for such people. So they can get unauthorized access to the assets or steal them completely.

How hardware wallets does work?

In order to prevent such situations, hardware wallets are preferred. People are moving to hardware wallets. Such wallets are a kind of technical device to store and protect your digital currencies.

Keep key and Ledger are some of the popular options in the market. Compared to other available options choosing a hardware wallet among them is more advisable. However, there is a certain difference between them. Whether its features, pricing, security, and other aspects you need to consider them before making a choice.

Let’s consider the differences and choose the best wallet from them to protect your crypto assets.

What is Keep Key?

Keepkey is one of the popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets in the market. It was introduced in 2015 as a USA-based company and later acquired by Shapeshift in 2017. The latest Keep Key device allows you to directly transfer your coins from device to wallet. However, you need to use the shapeshift app to complete the process.

It supports the majority of operating systems like Windows, Linux, and iOS. Comparing it to its main competitors, it needs to increase the coin support. But overall KeepKey is a high-quality hardware wallet.

What is Ledger?

Just like Keep key, the Ledger provides a seamless user experience. With additional features and better security, you can get the Ledger at almost the same price as Keep key.

Originally the Ledger is a French company, providing the best hardware wallet service since 2014. And the reason behind their success in the market is the BOLOS technology. Its compact design is appealing, while it supports the same operating systems as keep key.

Key differences between Keep key and Ledger Wallet

User interface

Both of them provide an easy-to-use interface, that allows you to transfer or store your crypto assets. The LED screen is very useful for completing the process quickly. However, if we compare the screen size Keep key is a clear winner. Providing a lot more space for their users to analyze the information and perform tasks.

Security Standards

Security standards are very crucial elements, especially when it comes to choosing a hardware wallet. Both wallets provide top-tier security standards without a doubt. Choosing any of them won’t disappoint you at all, as they can be used on computers safely and are malware+hack proof!

The only difference is that Ledger uses two secure chips to provide an extra layer of security.

Device Portability

A Hardware wallet should be portable to carry everywhere easily. When it comes to portability the build quality and wallet size are essential factors. Talking about keep key it’s bigger compared to the Ledger wallet, while both of them are made from the same aluminum-based material.

The setup process

The setup process is very important when using new technology for the first time. As many users are not familiar with using hardware wallets.

Thankfully, the setup process for both wallets is very easy. In fact, you can actually complete the setup process within few minutes. You can set the password of your choice during the setup process. It will provide you a backup key to make sure you don’t get locked out of your account.

Cryptocurrency support

Keep Key hardware wallet supports many different types of popular Altcoins. It supports most of the trending crypto coins like Bitcoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Litecoin. On the other hand, the Ledger supports XRP, EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PIVX, NEO, Ethereum classic, Digicoin, Zcare, Hshare, and lots of popular cryptocurrencies like them.

Final words

Choosing the best hardware wallet among both of them is not an easy task at all. Because the features and service provided are almost the same. So if you are one of those people with an average portfolio, keeping your cryptocurrency safe and transferring it is easier with Keep key.

Whereas, Ledger is preferred for the people who trade various currencies at the same time. With a larger portfolio, the wireless connectivity feature from Ledger will help you complete the transfer quickly. The decision is yours because the device that can handle your requirements is better compared to others.