Cryptocurrency exchanges based in China are often in the news for controversial topics. Whether it’s stealing important data of customers or accessing the hot wallets to get the digital assets. So people are taking more precautions before choosing crypto trading services that are based in China.

However, not every platform is the same when it comes to providing quality services. Platforms like Huobi are around the market for almost a decade even though they are based in China. So should you trust Huobi? is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Should you trust Huobi Exchange?

What is Huobi Exchange?

Huobi is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the global market. Launched in China in 2013, Huobi is considered the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world when it comes to trading volume comparison. With a total of 394 different digital currencies supported on the platform, it provides a secure and fast environment to buy, sell, or trade them hassle-free.

Following the industry-level security standards, Huobi exchange is a trading platform. That knows the importance of keeping the funds and user information safe and secure from possible threats on the internet. Not to mention it supports more than 55 payment methods to make sure the users can deposit and complete transactions easily.

In addition, there’s an extraordinary trading software tailored with the platform known as MetaTrader4. That is used to deliver a smooth trading experience along with the additional services. However, there is a lot more to explore with the Houbi exchange, Let’s go through the main services that you can enjoy with it.

Compelling reasons to trade with Houbi

1. Easy to use interface

Unlike trading service which looks complicated to use, Huobi provides a neat and clean user interface that is easy to learn for even beginner traders. Using their 13 years of industry experience, Huobi has made sure that the platform is easily accessible and available for trading from the majority of countries around the globe. The great thing is you can use the service on your Android and iOS device whichever you prefer.

2. Extended payment options

Being the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Huobi is unparallel when it comes to the type of payment method. Because there are almost more than sixty payment options available at your disposal. You may even not know many of them, but let us mention some of the popular ones. You can use Credit/Debit cards, International bank transfers, Wire transfers, Wechat, Apple Pay, Interac, SEPA, and many more!

3. Robust security

Whether it’s securing the user funds or providing higher liquidity Houbi is there for you! With almost 20,000 BTC as a security fund, Houbi has a 24-hour trading volume of $27,545,667,381 when this article was written. So it’s obvious that the platform is capable of facing any major threat in the future while balancing the liquidity required in the market.

4. Staking and crypto pool

As you are already aware of staking & earning program that is one of the best ways to make money with crypto. has both staking and a mining pool in order to provide earning opportunities to its customers. You can either choose the Stable coins like USDT or go with the limited-time mining tokens with higher APY.


  • No withdrawal fees
  • Offers trading view and chat functions
  • The minimum deposit amount is as low as $1
  • Chinese traders do not require to pay any fees
  • Provides over the counter service for special users
  • Offers Higher liquidity in comparison to other platforms


  • Charges a fee for inactive accounts
  • Service is not available for U.S based traders.
  • Does not offer any commodities to traders
  • There are certain claims for the platform to be fake/scam

Final verdict

Considering the unshakable trust the platform has gained over time, Houbi is a strong competitor in the current market. With their proven track record people are not that worried to entrust their funds with the platform.

In conclusion, the security reserve fund is something that you don’t see usually. So you can start using the service without too much thinking for sure. Do share this quick review with other interested people and feel free to ask any questions or mention your suggestions below.

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