There are many popular cryptocurrency exchanges situated in hong kong. Making their way to the top places in the market. Recently there a lot of people are choosing cryptocurrency exchanges with professional trading features and affordable trading fee structures.

However, choosing and finding such a platform in the current market is a challenging task for any newcomers. So it’s better you choose from something that is already working for others. In this article, we are going to review a popular exchange to see whether it’s worth choosing or not.

Quick Review

What is

For those people who are not familiar with, it’s a crypto trading platform with a seamless user experience. Not to mention it provides professional trading services along with a neat and clean user interface that anyone can use easily.

Established in the market around 2018, Hotbit is a popular alternative for Binance with more than $100 million as daily trading volume. HTB is the native token for the platform that is used in many different ways by the platform itself. More than 7 million users from 170+ countries use this amazing platform in order to keep track of the market changes and initiate trades when the profit potential is high.

Now talking about the security measures the platform follows almost every important security factor. After a simple registration process, you can explore the interface to get familiar with the platform. Let’s have a  closer look at the main services this amazing platform offers you.

Key features of Hotbit Exchange

High liquidity

With millions of dollars worth of daily transactions done through the platform. Hotbit is fully aware of how much important the liquidity factor is to keep the marketplace running smoothly. The market runs on an Artificial intelligence system that ensures that there are enough funds available to balance the liquidity during peak times.

Stable and Secure

The IT surveillance logical support is an industry-level multinodular structure. That ensures the security and stability of the platform. Allowing the users to browse the various crypto markets without the fear of data theft or losing their funds. With an additional level of security via 2FA the platform secures your withdrawals and other activities.

Numerous trading pairs

With an enormous selection of popular Altcoins, Hotbit exchange allows you to monitor more than 300 active markets. While supporting both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transaction types. Along with 500+ trading pairs on the platform.

You can easily find your choice of crypto token that you wish to invest in. Despite the fact that you need to own some cryptocurrency in order to start buying and selling. As the system doesn’t support fiat deposits.

Quick customer support

Not everyone is trading for a while in the crypto market, so it’s normal to face few problems during the starting phase. In order to solve them on time and keep the users trading without any problems, Hotbit provides continuous customer support. With proper guidance regarding the problems, you might face.


  • 24/7 online customer support available
  • Supports more than 200 different tokens
  • You can choose from 5 different languages
  • Can be used easily on multiple platforms (Android and iOS)


  • No fiat gateway is available
  • Does not have an active affiliate program like Coinbase.
  • The margin trading feature is not available yet
  • Transaction fees are a little higher than other platforms


Despite the fact that the main origin of the platform is not clear yet, people are assuming that is situated in China. Not to mention that there are many cases where people claim that the platform is a scam and not situated in a proper country yet.

In conclusion, we recommend you go through the official site first. Afterward, you can decide whether the features and services are worth using or not. Do share this information with others and mention your thoughts in the comment section below.

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