Cryptocurrency Price Hike- Bitcoin Reaches 50k and Ethereum 4k

The Cryptocurrency market is growing like crazy at the moment. So it’s obvious that popular cryptocurrencies are facing up and downs in the market. If you are buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies regularly in the crypto world then you may already know about the huge price hikes that happened around this week.

Not to mention that it’s only important if you are trading those specific cryptocurrencies for generating some profit from them. Choosing the right cryptocurrency from the available different options from the market is very critical.

Cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap are the ones that decide the market flow usually. Resulting in the price fluctuation of other similar Altcoins in the market, Price hikes or drops in the fundamental currencies sure create an impact on them.

Something similar took place recently in the cryptocurrency market. As two of the most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively went for a price hike suddenly! With a jaw-dropping boost in their prices, the whole group of investors was surprised with the turn of events.

Overflowing certain cryptocurrency exchange platforms with a sudden flow of cryptographic transactions. It was an obvious thing that investors and crypto traders were going to trade their Bitcoins or Ethereum with the sudden change in market prices.

Recent price hike in Bitcoin and Ethereum

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market is Bitcoin. Holding the largest market cap in the world hiked the market price to approx $50,000 in total. To be precise, on Friday Bitcoin was trading at the amount of $50,940. It is the highest amount till now since the last price hike during May!

No doubt it was a golden opportunity for the people who were holding bitcoins after buying them at a lower price. So they can make a decent amount of profit out of their holdings. However, Bitcoin isn’t the only currency that got a hike in price during that period.

When it comes to having a higher market cap, the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency “Etheruem” is not much far behind in comparison to Bitcoin. On the same day when bitcoin went for a spike in its market price, Ethereum was standing strong at approx $4,000 for the first time in a while.

Not to mention that it started fluctuating after a while, but it’s still holding decent pricing of around $3,9000 in the market at the moment. This indicates the growing importance of Ethereum in the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, Ethereum is the only digital currency capable of competing with the big bull Bitcoin at the moment. Holding a market cap equal to half of Bitcoin’s overall market cap in 2021!

If you’re looking forward to entering the cryptocurrency market and make money with crypto. Trading various cryptocurrencies for profits is the easier way to do it. Hence, we highly recommend choosing quality currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereuem that have enough potential.

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