Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are like the backbone for the crypto industry right now. Basically, what a cryptocurrency exchange does is, provide easy trading of cryptocurrencies while keeping the environment secure and user-friendly. In return for the trustworthy service, they charge some minimum fees as revenue.

Therefore, there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchange platforms launching recently in the market. Not to mention the demand is very high because of the crypto trend in the market, people are rushing everything. As you already know rushing leads to wrong decisions that can lead you to fail sometimes.

Changelly an Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Changelly is one of the most affordable cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the market at the moment. Claiming to provide the cheapest crypto trading when it comes to buying and selling the different cryptocurrencies. It is gaining a lot of attention from newcomers and professional crypto traders recently.

What is Changelly?

Founded in 2013, Changelly is a non-custodial crypto exchange platform. Unlike other platforms available to use, it doesn’t store your digital currencies. This means you need a crypto wallet in order to use the service easily. You can use the free to use digital wallets like Exodus or Trustwallet. Though we recommend using a hardware wallet that provides better security and ensures the safety of your assets.

How to use Changelly?

When using the platform for the first time you may need a little guidance. After setting up a wallet either digital or hardware. Whereas, You can use the platform without registering your identity or providing additional information. Follow the below steps to start using it,

  1. Connect your wallet with your existing Changelly account
  2. Now decide which cryptocurrency you wish to trade
  3. Go through the exchange rates
  4. And for the final step send the cryptocurrency to the address provided for the transacting

What does Changelly have to offer?

With more than 2 million users around the globe, Changelly is giving tough competition to other platforms without a doubt. Providing their services while keeping the consumer details anonymous, only charges around 0.25% transaction fees which is much likely to attract more users.

Now you have a clear idea of what Changelly actually is. So if you are going to choose it as your cryptocurrency trading platform for starting your journey then it’s mandatory to know about the services and features that Changelly has to offer to its users.


  • Surprisingly easy to learn and use
  • Supports over 150+ different cryptocurrencies
  • Provides extended integration with various wallets
  • Cheap crypto-to-crypto trading fees
  • Offers excellent customer support


  • The minimum trading amount starts with $50
  • Not regulated by a trusted source like the U.S
  • Higher fees for Flat-to-crypto transactions
  • You are responsible for keeping your assets securely using the wallets

Final words

Entering the crypto trading market with low capital will definitely force the consumers to look for a service with low transaction fees. And Changelly is one of the best options in the market that provides affordable fees comparatively. Without any case of hacking or scam till now due to the non-custodial behavior of the platform, the security is a plus point for you.

Despite the little costly Flat currency prices, choosing Changelly won’t disappoint you for sure. If you found any useful information in this article make sure to share it with others and feel free to mention your suggestions down below.

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