Binance Review- Why You should Choose the No1 Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading is sure taking a lead in the current investment options at disposal. Resulting in more people being attracted to cryptocurrency trading. The requirement of fast and reliable crypto trading platforms is a must.

With so many trading platforms introduced in the market cryptocurrency is becoming more convenient than ever! Binance is one of those popular trading platforms but is it really worth using? Let’s find out!

Is it still the No.1 Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Apart from Binance, there are so many crypto trading platforms available to choose from. Therefore getting confused while choosing the right one is obvious.

People who are new to cryptocurrency trading often face such problems. And leaning towards recommendations, they find a lot of them. In the same way, Binance is also recommended by a lot of users, but whether to choose it or not, depends on you.

What is Binance?

Binance was officially launched in 2017 with hong-kong as its place of origin. As an American arm of Binance, The cryptocurrency trading platform Binance was launched in San Fransisco. (2019) Dominating the cryptocurrency exchange market since its launch date, Binance has been providing faithful services till now.

It is basically a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, where you can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies according to your needs. Allowing you to exchange and trade cryptocurrencies at the same time.

How does it work with crypto trading?

When it comes to trading crypto, Binance supports both advanced users and beginners. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting with crypto trading, choosing Binance won’t cause any problems for you.

Binance provides a splendid user experience with features that are easy to learn and use. it’s easier to navigate within Binance between different exchanges. Allowing their users to choose from a wide range of over 500 different cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrency on Binance is comparatively simple.

Is Binance worth using as a trading platform in 2021?

Being one of the most popular trading platforms in the market right now. Binance has sure attracted a high number of users from around the globe till now.

Whether you’re starting as a beginner or a seasoned trader, Binance can meet up to your expectations for sure!

Although there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges available in the market, choosing Binance can Additionally, the charges for trading are much cheaper on Binance. Whereas, the trading fees can cost you a lot on other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

It allows more flexible payment options, unlike other trading platforms you can use a credit card, wire transfer, and other means to buy cryptocurrency. You can even use Bitcoin or similar currency to buy other cryptocurrencies from the market on Binance.

Uses P2P trading

The peer-to-peer trading facility connects the buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency directly. Which is actually far more better and secure compared to other trading services.

As the transaction is done via peer-to-peer transfer of data, you don’t need to worry about security and speed. However, if you wish to use the peer to peer trading the transaction amount should be more equivalent to $10,000 minimum.

Allows crypto to crypto trading

Binance allows you to perform crypto to crypto trading. With this facility, you can use any cryptocurrency that you already own and trade it with other currencies. Allowing their users to do crypto to crypto trading in more than 500 currencies, Binance provides up to the mark information regularly.

Final words

In conclusion, Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform, Suited for both beginner and advanced traders. With trading fees as low as 0.1% only, choosing Binance when starting your crypto journey will help you a lot.

The user interface is also customizable according to your needs from, basic, classic, or advanced. So there’s no problem in choosing finance as your crypto trading platform.

Still, cryptocurrency trading is a business with high profit and high risk. We do not recommend investing in cryptocurrencies more than what you can not afford to lose. 

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