With the overwhelming number of new crypto trading platforms getting launched into the market, the competition is getting harder every day. So it’s obvious that platforms need to provide industry-level services and features. Whether they are running on a centralized or a decentralized environment.

Gaining the trust and attraction from potential investors in the market is not easy. Not to mention there are many platforms like Kraken¬†that exactly know how to spread brand awareness and keep it alive among the investors. So today we are going to review one of the platforms that need to pay attention to such things, as it’s a new face for the investors.

Is Ascendex.com worth choosing?

What is Ascendex.com?

As you already know there are millions of transactions completed each day when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry. Meanwhile, the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms make tremendous profit with transaction fees, as they help the traders to do it. Ascendex.com is also one of the new startups that stepped into the industry nearly three years ago.

Formerly known as Bitmax, Ascendex is a Singapore-based global cryptocurrency trading platform. Providing their various trading services to over 200 different counties and 1 million customers, you can say that it’s growing steadily. Trading features like Margin and spot trading are something that investors look for.

Thankfully Ascendex services are not limited to only them. Because it provides future trading, over-the-counter services, yielding, supports cross-platforms, and a special feature known as “Copy trading“. This feature allows the traders to automate the trading process according to their choice of interest.

What can you expect from Ascendex?

Staking & earning

The majority of newcomers in the crypto industry are aware of the feature stake and earn. Where they can lock their currency and start earning from it over time. So it’s obvious that someone looking for a new crypto trading platform will make sure that it has a stake & earn system to increase their overall profit. But you don’t need to worry about it as the Ascendex provides the feature.

Additional services

Ascendex is a platform that keeps upgrading with the recent market trends. Apart from the basic features it provides, you can enjoy additional services like Ascendex API. By utilizing the concept of API the platform has increased its backend stability and performance a lot. In addition, the error messages are more detailed compared to the earlier versions.

Affordable fee structure

If you are also one of those investors worried about high transaction fees. Then choosing Ascendex can really help you. Because you need to pay between 0.10% to 0.20% of trading fees only, depending on the transaction type you are implementing at the moment. That is a competitive industry-level fee structure.

Decentralized Finance farming

Leveraging Defi protocols is a rather smart move by Ascendex. Hence, it allows the investors to earn a maximum profit from the decentralized farming feature available on the platform. And the plus point is that you do not have to worry about any Gas fees when participating in the Defi yield farming concept, as the process is managed by Ascendex in the backend.


  • Affordable fee structure
  • You can earn extra with active trading
  • The user interface is easy to learn and use
  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Staying anonymous as possible while using the service


  • Not fully functional in the U.S
  • There’s no call center for support
  • Fiat currencies are not supported
  • You can not experience the platform with a demo account

Wrapping up

If you go through the internet searching for honest reviews for the Ascendex platform, you will find a lot of negative opinions regarding the service the platform offers. Even though the platform offers a lot of professional features, we recommend you try the platform before deciding to invest a large amount in it. Share this quick review with others and feel free to mention your questions or opinion in the comments section below.

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